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  • NEW INDIE MUSIC - 'Classic alt/indie songcraft and performance with nods to The Cure, Radiohead and The Libertines.  Great stuff.'
  • GARY CROWLEY of BBC RADIO LONDON - 'The band I've been waiting for.'
  • BUGBEAR PROMOTIONS - 'New wave pop/rock with driving guitars and insistent melodies, bit like The Only Ones, but with a louche Pete Doherty-esque vocal and some well placed trumpet.'
  • CROYDON RADIO - 'Glorious noise!'

A bit more about Cats On The Beach:

We mainly tear around London in ubers that are usually too small for our equipment to play shows that are usually too loud for any clear detection of Rob's vocals. Before these shows we often grab a falafel, have a stab at amusing conversation and, when that fails, move onto existential philosophy, animal rights and red wine. En route back to the venue we vape and compare egos. Career highlights include BBC Radio coverage and gigs for the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music. Gary Crowley, a BBC DJ, said we were 'the band he had been waiting for', which was sweet of him.

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